Use technology to bill accurately

Get the true picture of your print costs with real-time reporting.

seminole industries legal cost recovery bill accuracy
Mistakes or gaps in your cost recovery process eat into your firm's profits. Correct them with our Cost Recovery for Legal solution, which provides accuracy and peace of mind through properly equipped servers, multifunction printers (MFPs), scanners and software. You can print, copy, and scan with real-time reporting and cost allocation — helping you to:

    • Help improve information security.


    • Understand your true copy/print expenses.


  • Bill back charges accurately.

Allocate your costs

Bill back large or small print jobs with ease.

Even one single print job can cost your firm or legal department. What about the hundreds of large documents you print for multiple clients? Recover those expenses with Cost Recovery for Legal, which lets you bill back print and copy charges to clients, individuals or departments.

See where your money is going when it comes to printing, better manage your print budgets, and more accurately assign costs or cost recovery.
seminole industries legal cost recovery allocate costs

Safeguard against waste

Control access to your printer fleet.

seminole industries legal cost recovery safeguard waste
Want to control your print costs? Control who's able to print and what they're able to print. If everyone is printing large or colored jobs with abandon, it's no wonder your expenditures are skyrocketing.

With our controlled access solution, you’ll have the ability to decrease waste and accidental print jobs by determining what devices and functionalities across your printer fleet are available to employees. Set quotas for print volumes, or restrict color printing to certain personnel. Need even more oversight and security? With optional ID card authentication, employees have to swipe their badges at the printer before carrying out a print job.