A leader in sustainability for over three decades

As a leading technology provider, Seminole office solutions understands that we have a responsibility to protect the environment. Therefore, we are constantly implementing new green practices internally as well as education our clients on how to reduce their environmental footprint. We are focused on finding the balance between business printing needs and the preservation of our natural resources. 

  • Energy Star Compliant Equipment
  • Complimentary toner cartridge collection & recycling 
  • End-of-life de-manufacturing services 
  • Software tools to measure carbon footprint reduction
  • Paperless billing 

Did You Know?

In a one-year period, if the world's discarded cartridges were stacked end to end, they would circle the earth over 3 times. 

Go Green. Save Green.

Learn how you can reduce waste and your carbon footprint, all while strengthening your bottom line.
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We know that reducing paper and electricity usage means cost savings to you every month–because these days working green saves green. With our Encompass Green Report, you can maximize your green savings and reduce waste with environmental initiatives like our Zero-waste-to-landfill toner recycling and equipment disposal services.
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