The industry of Education is traditionally a paper intensive, document and process driven environment. Areas such as admissions, financial aid, registration, athletic departments, human resources, and accounting, all employ paper based procedures. Higher Education systems, including public and private universities, community colleges and other institutions, can all benefit from streamlining mission-critical business processes to reduce costs, improve student service, and ensure compliance.


Solutions For Higher Education

Automate admissions, financial aid and student records management to increase student service, reduce costs and streamline operations across the campus.


Solutions For K-12 Schools

Create an exceptional learning environment. Our technology and proven methods help your K-12 school system improve communication between parents and teachers — and provide better opportunities for students.


  • Case Study

    Rollins College

  • Paperless Office

    Easily Manage Your Paper Documents In The Cloud

  • Increase productivity

    Automate your business processes to control costs, simplify management, and boost performance.