Switch to plain paper prescriptions

Replace costly Rx solutions with a simple, affordable alternative.

sosfla industries healthcare persciption printing plain paper
You pay a lot, both in direct costs and administrative/IT time, for "secure" paper prescriptions. Each page is watermarked, carries a serial number, costs up to $.25 and requires dedicated printers. What's the alternative? Our flexible, affordable Plain Paper Prescription solution, which allows you to:

  • Eliminate the need for expensive paper.

  • Use nearly any laser printer, removing your reliance on specialized printers with locking drawers.

  • Reduce the burden on your hospital's human resources.

Save space and money

Help comply with CMS requirements and centralize prescription oversight.

CMS has strict requirements for printed prescriptions. You have to make sure they can't be copied, erased, modified or counterfeited. When you use the special paper, you have to guard it from the time it's delivered to the time it's placed in a locked print tray. That adds up to a lot of administrative, purchasing, supply chain and IT involvement.
Instead, you can:

    • Implement software that works with your current printers and provides CMS-mandated security features.

  • Track print jobs and store data in a central location, making it possible to trace the origin of each prescription.

Our healthcare team provides upfront analysis, consulting, design and implementation of a customized solution built around PlanetPress software.
sosfla industries healthcare persciption printing cms oversight

Re-engineer clinical workflows

Standardize processes using best practices for prescription and electronic health records (EHR) workflows.

sosfla industries healthcare persciption printing electronic health records
The more you standardize healthcare processes and automate tasks, the more control you have over costs and time. This is where we come in. For more than 80 years we've helped our customers, including acute healthcare organizations, achieve their objectives through innovative workstyle solutions that include:

    • Industry-specific best practices

    • Vendor-agnostic software

    • IT integration expertise

    • Multifunction printers and other hardware, if needed

    • Electronic audit trails

    • Worker training

  • Maintenance and support