Your Valencia ID contains a unique barcode on the back that will allow you to quickly login to both Print and Pay Stations.  
To use your card to login, it will need to be associated with your Valencia ID through a one time registration process.  Follow the steps below.

  1. At any Print Station (Epson device) first scan your Valencia ID barcode at the scanner as shown below
    Large Unit Small Unit
    Barcode Large web Barcode Small web
  2. When the unit states "Unknown card", touch Next
    MFD small unkown card
  3. Login using your Valencia ID username and password.  This is the same login that you use at library computers.  Use the onscreen keyboard to enter in this information.  Touch Next when entered.
    MFD small credentials for card
  4. After successfully logging in, the unit will state that the card is associated with your username.  Touch OK.
    MFD small card associated
  5. You can now use your Valencia ID barcode to login at any Print or Pay Station.