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Keeping It Real

Whether it’s a company brochure to hand out at during a trade show, the need to for a “wet signature,” or simply the fact sometimes, it really is more comfortable reviewing and editing a printed document. The simple fact is, most organizations will never truly go paperless, or at least not anytime soon.

With this reality in mind, striving to become “paper-light” is not only a more realistic approach and strategy, but it eliminates the unnecessary over-reliance on paper as a primary medium for information management. It facilitates faster access to documents, it helps employees work smarter and more efficiently — and perhaps most importantly — it enables companies to make better decisions and provide a better service to their customers by enabling them to be more responsive.

It’s time we wake up from the pipe-dream of the paperless office, and put our energies towards creating an efficient “paper-light” environment that is attainable for organizations of any size.

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