Find files in seconds

Put your files a few keystrokes away, regardless of location.

Distance is a problem when you're in Chicago and the file you need is in Houston. But with our Cloud Storage solution, distance is irrelevant because you can access information from anywhere on almost any device.

After you send files to the cloud via email, apps or scanning, your extended team can collaborate efficiently. Designate who sees what, so you can share information with coworkers, customers, vendors and partners. The Seminole Workflow Consulting for Business team will help you plan and implement the "who, what, where, when and how" of cloud storage so it's right for your business. For example, our consultants can work with you to create simple, customized configurations to improve processes and workflows such as invoicing and contract management.


Keep your information organized

Use smart storage to make information retrieval a snap.
Is there such a thing as being too organized? Not when it comes to finding information quickly so you can keep making decisions and completing tasks. Our Cloud Storage solutions vary depending on your needs, whether it's comprehensive document management, a simple shared drive where you can place files — or something in between.

Instead of storing and retrieving paper documents from file cabinets, which increases risk, inefficiency and expense, you can:

  • Tag information so you can easily locate it when you need it.

  • Configure and automate workflows with the assistance of our workflow experts, who apply best practices for document management.

  • Send scanned documents to a central repository, archive or backup account.

  • Access documents whenever you like from any computer, iPhone or Android device.


Help safeguard your information

Restrict access to cloud storage with multiple controls.

While it's virtually impossible to know whether or not confidential paper documents are being kept confidential, it's easier to control access to information in the cloud. You can arrange for only a few people to use your cloud storage, or for your entire organization to manage their documents on it.

With multiple levels of access rights, you can support collaboration while enforcing "for your eyes only." Control who sees what — and when — by setting up and managing:

  • Users

  • Groups

  • Permissions

  • Version controls

  • Check-in / check-out measures


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