Communicate and collaborate with ease

Find what you need, when and where you need it.

If your organization's information is tied up in a filing cabinet or offsite storage facility, it's useless until someone is able to go and retrieve it. Even if you have digital information, you may still struggle to manage it.

Make your information easily accessible to your employees, wherever and whenever they need it. With software solutions like Laserfiche Avante™ and Laserfiche Rio®, you can not only keep your files organized with a robust content management system, but also incorporate document imaging and business process management tools to keep them moving through the appropriate workflows.

We can also set up a searchable, centralized storage hub — with the right metadata, tagging and indexing — so you can find information quickly and easily.

Tighten security on your information

Minimize the risks of storing paper documents in multiple locations.
Making your information accessible doesn't mean making it vulnerable. With Enterprise Content and Document Management, you'll get simple, powerful collaboration tools that help to protect your documents, including:

  • Tiered privileges that protect sensitive information — some users can view, others can edit, and some can’t even see that the document exists.

  • Password-protected document access.

  • Access records that let you see every time someone viewed a document or made changes to it.

You'll also have the ability to delete sensitive or space-filling documents after their useful life has ended.


Reduce operating costs by going digital

Trade expensive, inefficient storage for more streamlined, productive workflows.

Your information, in and of itself, has little value if it is not easily accessible and relevant to those who need it. And if you're storing all of those files, either onsite or offsite, it can cost you big on your operating expenses.

Cut your budget by converting your files to a digital format, reducing or even eliminating your need for storage. And with new, streamlined workflows, your workers can be more efficient and productive than ever — saving you even more.


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