Copy functions can be performed at ANY Printing Station.

  1. Login at a Printing Station by scanning your Valencia ID barcode or entering your username and password.
  2. Touch Device Functions
  3. Review your balance to ensure you have enough funds for your copy job and press Continue
  4. Touch Copy
  5. Select B&W or Color output of your copy job.  You may also make other adjustments as necessary.
    ***NOTE: When selecting Color for the output mode, ALL pages will charge as color even if the original is in black and white.***
  6. Place originals in document feeder or place on platen glass.  
    1. Feeder accepts regular sheets of paper.  Remove all staples and paperclips and ensure pages are not bent, folded and attached to other pages.
    2. Any non "clean" pages, books or other irregular sized originals must be placed on the platen glass.  Lift open the feeder to place originals on the platen glass.
  7. Press Start when ready to start copy process.
  8. When completed, press the Home Key to return to the main screen and press the Logout button.  Alternatively you can scan your Valencia ID to logout.